List of Items Needed to Submit an Application

1. Application (Signed on back by applicant)

2. Signed copy of the Qualification Procedures Form

3. Signed Apartment Rental Verification Request Form
(if moving from another rental property).
Simply sign and date the bottom of this form, and we will be happy to contact the rental company for you.
Please remember we will need your previous rental information on your application to do so.

4. Income Verification in one of the following forms:
a. Last two paycheck stubs
(Monthly gross salary must equal at least three times the monthly rent.)
b. Job offer letter including start date and salary amount if it is a new position
c. A copy of the first page of the previous year’s tax return

5. Copy of Driver’s License per applicant.

6. $40 Application Fee per applicant. Please make checks payable to Marine St. Lofts

7. Parental Guaranty Form*
Use Parental Guaranty if your credit score and/or monthly income do not meet the Qualification Procedures.

8. Criminal Lease Form* + $20 Additional Occupant fee*

A $20 fee will be incurred for each additional occupant (18+) listed under “Other Residents” and a Criminal Background Screening Report will be performed.

*Only when applicable.

Please email us if you have questions concerning any of the listed items necessary for submitting an application.
E-Mail: [email protected]

checks should be made out to:

Marine St. Lofts