1. Quiet hours are between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. This includes common areas inside and out of the building. We all like time to rest and relax!

  2. PLEASE clean up after your pets inside the building and outdoors. This will keep the property pristine.

  3. Hanging anything from a sprinkler pipe in your apartment or any common area is a direct violation of fire code and you could be fined.

  4. If you lock yourself out or have a maintenance emergency, please call 251-300-0130

  5. Report any leaks immediately to the office.

  6. If you have pest problems, let us know ASAP! Pest control is covered by us with the exception of pests you, your guests, or your pets brought in as determined by our pest control company.

  7. If you can’t make it to the office during our business hours, there is a drop box for rental checks, etc., in the mail closet.

  8. There is no need to put your rental check in an envelope. We’ll gladly accept them without one.

  9. Doors should never be propped open unless you are actively moving.

  10. Park in a parking spot. Disabled vehicles will be towed.

  11. If you get a new vehicle or change your license plate, please update your information with the office immediately. This could prevent your car from being towed in an emergency.

  12. Please don’t leave trash, shoes, or other belongings outside your door.

  13. Do not leave your trash sitting anywhere. Please make sure it makes it to the trash compactor or recycling bins.

  14. Nothing should ever be thrown out the windows.

  15. Do not throw cigarette butts into the pine straw or out your window. This is a major fire hazard! You will be fined.

  16. Do not allow your pets to relieve themselves on the property. It damages the sod and you will be fined.

  17. Please don’t smoke in any common area inside the building.

  18. Bikes should remain in your apartment and not in the hallways.

  19. Residents and supervised guests are allowed to be on rooftop. Make sure you are with your guests at all times.

  20. Pick up trash left in the courtyard. You will be fined if janitor needs to be called.